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Skin Cell Printer; Sci-Fi Reality

skin-cell-printerNot to be 1-up’d by the invention of the  Star Trek replicator (3D Printer in Space article), Wake Forest University has created the Skin Cell Printer, a device that sprays healthy skin cells directly onto human skin.

Skin damaged by burns, wounds, bites and infections can now be healed almost half the time by an application from the Skin Cell Printer. Cell compatability risks and other effects present in current skin graft procedures would be a thing of the past. Research has shown that the longer it takes to cover a wound with skin, the higher the risk of infection, complications, and death.

A small piece of healthy human skin away from a patient with the skin wound and then used to develop stem cells which will serve as the ink for the bioprinter. We are living in an exciting age, my friends.



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