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Throw Away Printers Hurting Our Planet, Your Business

Throw away printers come at a high price to our environment and your company’s bottom line. See why they are killing our planet and hurting your business.

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CPR Partners with NuLeaf Office Solutions, $50 Off First Order

Call Computer Printer Repair CPR today at 1-800-955-4075 to find out how you qualify for $50 off your first supply order with NuLeaf Office Solutions.

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Star Trek Replicator 1.0 – 3D Printer in Space (video)

Sending a 3D Printer to Space It’s here! I knew it was only a matter of...

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The Circle Printer Comes Full Circle

Designer Yang Jae Wook is taking printing back to basics and incorporating a little art deco form to boot. He calls it The Circle Printer and its purpose is…

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Skin Cell Printer; Sci-Fi Reality

Not to be 1-up’d by the invention of the  Star Trek replicator (3D...

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Place a Field Service call at 1-800-955-4075 and have us come to your location. Or, bring your machine to our office for in-shop (depot) repairs.

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Call to schedule a ship-in repair from anywhere in the U.S. or request our van service for pick-up and delivery within 60 miles of our Bellevue office.

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